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We are an Integrated Project Controls consultancy supporting major infrastructure and construction projects

Introducing Adept Management

Adept Management plan, manage and control large, complex projects.

We have a unique set of skills and tools that have been proven to provide greater predictability and transparency, particularly in the design and development phases of projects, which are often poorly managed and co-ordinated, removing overspend and reducing time overruns in the delivery stages of the project.

Our clients include:


Our attitude and aspirations can be summed up by these statements of our values:

Excitement in Work: Working with our customers on a diverse range of complex projects is what we love doing. We are excited to be supporting some of the most high-profile projects in the world.

Meaning in Work: Working with customers to enhance the way they operate gives meaning to our work by making a worthwhile and valuable contribution every day.

Innovation: Innovation and creativity have always been important to us. We thrive under difficult circumstances using our talents to make sense of complex problems and challenge the norms.

Equality: We value the diversity within our organisation. We believe that everybody should be treated equally and fairly.

Capable: Our experience, coupled with our ability to learn quickly, make connections, and transfer knowledge inspires confidence. We focus on the things that matter.

Independence: Strong enough to stand alone, backed by a team with a unified approach and a sense of purpose.


Adept Management has been trading since 2001. The company's roots go back to a collaborative research programme in the 1990s: a recognition that complex processes needed to be understood before they could be managed gave rise to the nucleus of a methodology which, subsequently, became known as 'ADePT’ and is now known as 'Flow'.

Since 2001, we have supported some of the largest and most challenging construction projects, and similarly complex projects in the defence and information technology sectors. Our expertise in the design and engineering phases of projects has been put to use across the construction industry, in a wide range of hospital projects, school building programmes, commercial and residential (accommodation & hotel) projects, highway schemes, major rail projects, and projects in the energy and utilities sectors. Our experiences have taken us from Sydney to San Diego with stops in London, Stockholm, Dubai and the Cayman Islands in between.

Today, Adept Management’s consultants are working at the cutting-edge of design management and process streamlining; delivering their unique mix of best practice and practical experience to organisations spanning diverse sectors. This is complemented by the Flow software that allows customers to implement our design planning and control methodology within their own organisation.

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Management Team

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Our Partners

The Offsite Collective

Adept Management have a specialism in delivering MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) projects which require a unique set of project controls to successfully integrate the design, engineering and manufacturing disciplines.  In recognition of this we are one of the founding members of The Offsite Collective; an industry leading and carefully selected group of innovative, likeminded individuals and organisations, who have evolved to respond to the need for holistic and integrated solutions to global built environment project services, best practice and delivery.

Our intent is to share knowledge & resources, inform best practice, enhance the industry, collaborate and increase value to our client base.


The LWA Partnership

We have a partnered with Lee Wakemans, a specialist cost management, project management and health & safety consultancy. Our partnership allows us to provide truly integrated project controls services incorporating planning, reporting, risk management, design management, project management and commercial management.

Lee Wakemans

As part of our software development services we are also partnered with Oracle.